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Mobis provides significant value and experience working with a variety of clients in government, higher education and corporations. Our customers range from government agencies and public/private partnerships to multi-national organizations or individual private developers.

Selected projects where Mobis has been involved as Strategic Consultants, Project Management and/or Operators include:

  • Long Beach Multimodal Hub, Bikestation Long Beach, City BikeShare
  • Guangzhou, China BRT Bicycle Facilities
  • Salt Lake City Intermodal Transportation Hub
  • Santa Monica Bicycle-Transit Center Planning (3 locations)
  • Mexico City Bike Transit Center Locations
  • Washington DC Department of Transportation (DDOT) Union Station Redevelopment Project
  • Los Angeles County Metro BikeC Transit Center Implementation Plan
  • CityWheels projects for electric bike, electric scooter, and car-sharing in Seattle and Long Beach
  • Santa Barbara Bike Transit Center Needs Assessment
  • Puget Sound Regional Council Bikestation Project
  • Santa Barbara Bicycle Parking Design Study and Development Strategy
  • Fort Collins Bike Depot Feasibility Study
  • Eastern Cambridge Feasibility Study
  • Bike-Transit Center Feasibility Study for the City of Pittsburgh