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Mobis focuses on accelerating multimodal infrastructure development for our clients using well defined methodologies, best practices and a proven network of suppliers. As a result, Mobis is uniquely positioned to provide seasoned guidance and operational expertise to clients seeking to improve their environment’s infrastructure.

We can apply our specialized knowledge and experience operating multimodal transportation systems to help you plan and manage your project. Mobis creates and implements planning solutions on a variety of infrastructure and related projects, including:

SCORE℠ On-Site Assessment

You have limited time and resources, and moving toward providing sustainable transportation options requires careful strategy and execution. Most clients are realizing that they lack the experience to develop a comprehensive multimodal transit system, and understanding of the risks or challenges in operating a successful program. Every day, we operate these systems and have lived through the challenges that can occur and the programs that should be in place.

Our planners have wide ranging experience of undertaking planning appraisals for both private and public sector clients. These may involve surveys, detailed bicycle parking assessments and the interaction between pedestrian, bicycle and vehicular movements, evaluating the balance between access by public transport, walk and bicycle modes and the needs for efficient servicing and parking demands.

The SCORE℠ On-Site Assessment is a structured approach to assist you in developing a comprehensive high quality multimodal transit infrastructure specifically for your environment and needs. SCORE engagements are used by our clients for a variety of reasons:

Accelerate development of multimodal projects at the lowest total cost of ownership

  • Preparation or update of a master plan
  • Analysis of the scalability of current operations and measure future demand
  • Identify project costs, operational costs, liabilities and risks
  • Implement best practices while incorporating their specific needs
  • Identify project funding needs and uses
  • Pinpoint areas for project cost savings

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EDGE Quick On-Site Assessment

EDGE is an abbreviated, economical SCORE℠ On-Site Assessment that provides the reassurance that your plans and procedures are in place to maximize your investment into the future. We review your materials through an operating lens, and offer meaningful recommendations. In less than three weeks, we can provide you with an unbiased view of your plan, identification of key operational gaps, areas for improvement, conceptual plans, and summary cost estimates.

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Request For Proposal (RFP) Support

Cost overruns, delay of completion, and diminished product performance can occur in even the best-planned projects. Identifying and managing risks to the project – from initial planning – has become essential to delivering the project on time and within budget. With our complete knowledge of how RFP’s should be written for these exact projects we are available to assist you to ensure the outcome of your RFP process is accurate and successful.

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Conceptual Plan

Our core expertise encompasses specialist skills in concept design proposals and test the impact of different scenarios from a range of dimensions including environmental, ergonomic, operational, aesthetic and safety. We have considerable experience of design and the development of multimodal plans including the layout and density of built form, development phasing, infrastructure, public access, funding and landscape requirements, plus inputs from other disciplines on such issues as servicing or environmental considerations.

In the Conceptual Plan engagement, we use disciplined approaches to identify the functions, operational systems and policies for the multimodal plan, evaluate their benefits using qualitative and quantitative criteria, and assess system enhancement options. In this stage, concept planning begins to look more specifically at operational elements such as facilities, services, short and long scalability and back-end systems and costs.

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Community Outreach/Education

Development proposals often involve planning and environmental issues which require careful discussion with all concerned stakeholders, undertaken in a sensitive, responsible and honest manner. Mobis’ planners have wide experience in all aspects of public consultation, including design charettes, planning workshops, public presentations, awareness campaigns and media relations.

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